Friday, July 16, 2010

A bit more on Erin Logan

Don Wheeler

For several weeks the most popular post in TSBP has been I feel bad for Erin Logan .  Noting that, it seemed like a good idea idea to look for "what happened next.  (As far as I know, the commercial media around here hasn't bothered.) 

Local coverage does tend to do best on this blog - still I'm a bit surprised by the persistence of this story's popularity.

As you'll recall, Ms. Logan was involved in an ugly domestic incident with Chris Zorich - a former Notre Dame and Chicago Bears lineman - sports hero to some.  She allegedly engaged in some bad behavior towards law enforcement officers as well. Her employer, NBC affiliate WNDU-TV, responded by firing her immediately.

The original post came about because I became very annoyed with the support the station got for its precipitous action as well as the way Ms. Logan was pilloried by many in the community.  All this appeared to be unencumbered by the thought process - as the Car Guys like to put it.  Adding to my skepticism is that fact that guys like Zorich are untouchable in our area.  One look at his regional sports pedigree tells you he wouldn't even need to ask for favors - favors would come unbidden.

The only suggestion I'm making, just to be clear, is that balance and process seemed absent prior to pronouncement of judgment. decided it might be interesting to see what happened after the original incident. Starcasm  reported back in June that WNDU had deleted their own story about the Logan firing and that charges against Erin were dropped.  Didn't hear much about that, did we?

The deleted entry:
It is with deep regret that we report this next story.

One of our own, Reporter/Anchor, Erin Logan was arrested early Thursday morning for being drunk, disorderly and resisting arrest. Ms. Logan was in front of a Mishawaka home after an incident happened inside. She was approached by police and refused to cooperate.

As a result of the incident, Ms. Logan is no longer employed by WNDU.

Ms. Logan has a new gig in New Bedford MA.  I wish her well.

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