Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Truthout 7/6

Separating Church and Hate: Irrationality and Anti-Muslim Stereotyping
Cynthia Boaz, Truthout: "Within minutes of learning that last November's Fort Hood shooter had an Arab name and an Islamic background, commentators at the major media outlets were engaging in wild speculation that the killer's motive was 'jihad' and that the murders fell into the category of political terrorism."
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Dangerous Cost Cuts at Alyeska Pipeline: "Yet Another Example of How BP Runs Things"
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Over the past several months, Alyeska Pipeline and the company's Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Hostler, have been under intense scrutiny by a Congressional oversight committee and an independent investigator, who has been probing explosive allegations leveled by managers that severe cost-cutting efforts could put the integrity of the 800-mile Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) at risk."
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Alleged Military Whistleblower Charged With Leaking Video of a US Attack on Civilians and Secret Documents
Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "A US Army intelligence analyst was charged on Monday with eight violations of federal criminal law for leaking confidential military documents and videos, including a 2007 video of US attack helicopter brutally murdering civilians and journalists in Baghdad that was leaked to controversial whistleblower site Wikileaks.com."
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Justice Department to File Suit Against Arizona Law
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "The Justice Department will file suit against Arizona on the basis that the state's recent anti-immigrant legislation intrudes on the role of the federal government in immigration enforcement, according to anonymous sources contacted by the Washington Post."
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With Obama Meeting Tuesday, Israel Eases Gaza Blockade
Sheera Frenkel, McClatchy Newspapers: "Israel on Monday announced a major change in the way it will manage the country's controversial blockade of the Gaza Strip, a move Israeli officials hope will ease tensions with the Obama administration on the eve of a visit to Washington by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."
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Domestic Workers in New York Win First-Ever Job Protections
Tiffany Ten Eyck, LaborNotes: "Domestic workers in New York have won historic changes to the state's labor law to include protections for their jobs. Final votes on Thursday ended weeks of wrangling between state Assembly and Senate leaders and Governor David Paterson, who said he would sign the bill."
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Dean Baker | Time to Put the Deficit Commission Out of Our Misery
Dean Baker, Truthout: "It's time to stop wasting the taxpayers' money and shut down President Obama's deficit commission. It is now clear that it has become a national joke. One of the co-chairs of the commission is former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson. Simpson is often touted in the media for his plain-spoken man of the people ways. The media version doesn't quite fit the facts. Simpson worked his way up to the Senate from being the son of a former Wyoming senator."
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Fourth of July Sparks Thoughts of Progressive Patriotism
Ira Chernus, Truthout: "Our annual Fourth of July backyard barbecue this year was bigger and better than ever. We had our American flag flying on the front porch. Plenty of our guests showed up wearing red, white and blue - though their politics ranged from quite liberal Democrat to very radical way-to-the-left-of-Democrat. When we celebrate the Fourth at our home, no conservatives need apply."
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The Tea Party and the New Right-Wing Christian Feminism
Ruth Rosen, openDemocracy.net: "Why have American women become so active in the right wing Tea Party movement? Could it be that they are drawn to the new conservative Christian feminism publicized by Sarah Palin? Without its grassroots female supporters, the Tea Party would have far less appeal to voters who are frightened by economic insecurity, threats to moral purity and the gradual disappearance of a national white Christian culture."
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Chris Hedges | Freedom in the Grace of the World
Chris Hedges, Truthdig: "Earl Shaffer, adrift after serving in the South Pacific in World War II and struggling with the loss of his childhood friend Walter Winemiller during the assault on Iwo Jima, made his way to Mount Oglethorpe in Georgia in 1947. He headed north toward Mount Katahdin in Maine and for the next 124 days, averaging 16.5 miles a day, beat back the demons of war. His goal, he said, was to 'walk the Army out of my system.' He was the first person to hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail."
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Eugene Robinson | Fiddling While Economy Burns
Eugene Robinson: "The good news is that unemployment has fallen to 'only' 9.5 percent. The bad news is that the jobless rate is down only because so many people have given up hope of finding work. Perversely, the jobless who aren't actively looking for jobs are not counted as 'unemployed.'"
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Clinton, Obama Stand Up for Civil Liberties and Worker's Rights ... in China and Ethiopia
Dave Lindorff, This Can't Be Happening: "Finally, a politician has stood up and boldly denounced the creeping fascism that is gradually crushing democracy and political activism. Not mincing her words, or trying to justify the jackboot, Secretary of State and 2008 presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton roundly condemned government actions that she said are 'closing in the walls' on unions, rights advocates and organizations that press for social change or that shine a light on government shortcomings."
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Stage-Managing the War on Terror
Stephan Salisbury, TomDispatch: "Informers have by now become our first line of defense in our battles with the evildoers, the go-to guys in the never-ending domestic war on terror. They regularly do the dirty work - suggesting and encouraging the plots, laboring as bag men to move the money, fashioning the bombs, and eliciting the flamboyant dialogue, even while following the scripts of their handlers to the letter. They have attended to all the little details that make for the successful and now familiar arrests, criminal complaints, trials, and (for the most part) convictions in the ever-distracting war against ... what? Al-Qaeda? Terror? Muslims? The inept? The poor?"
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