Saturday, July 10, 2010

Truthout 7/10

Is it Almost Over? BP Will Try to Stop Oil Flow Next Week
Mark Seibel, McClatchy Newspapers: "In a dramatic turn of events, the Obama administration has given BP the go-ahead to remove the containment cap atop the runaway Deepwater Horizon oil well and replace it with a tighter fitting one in an attempt to stop all the oil now flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps as soon as the middle of next week."
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Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles
Anthony DiMaggio, Truthout: "The world looks like it's about to become a more dangerous place. A recent report from Israel's newspaper Haaretz finds that the United States is moving forward with plans to strengthen Israel's nuclear weapons stockpile."
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Media Reform: Icelandic Parliament Strengthens Protections for Journalists and Whistleblowers
Sam Knight, Truthout: "On June 15th, Icelandic Parliamentarians unanimously approved a resolution that contains some of the strongest protection for freedom of speech and freedom of information in the world. The reforms will most likely take effect sometime in 2011, when a revision of the country's relevant laws and regulations is expected to be completed and approved by Parliament."
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Petraeus for McChrystal: Lipstick on a Pig
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, Truthout: "The Senate voted unanimously to confirm Gen. David Petraeus to replace fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal to lead the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. General Petraeus stepped down as the head of US Central Command and will continue with General McChrystal's counterinsurgency strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan."
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How Easy Is It For Peaceful People to Violate the Patriot Act?
Joshua Holland, AlterNet: "Last month, the Supreme Court exposed Americans to jail sentences of up to 15 years just for giving advice to groups the U.S. government considers untouchable. In Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, the court ruled that the USA Patriot Act's expanded definition of 'material support' for 'foreign terrorist organizations' passes Constitutional muster."
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Race and Recession: Foreclosure Losses Still Mounting
Seth Freed Wessler, Colorlines: "It has been more than two years since Sandra Hines got shoved out of her family's home of 38 years, but her loss still feels fresh and raw. She remains proud of her northwest Detroit neighborhood. Its streets are lined with stately trees and dozens of modest brick and concrete houses like the one her family called home for a generation. Today, the two story house sits empty, but through the window a ladder and can of paint can be spotted in the living room - signs that the new owner has been here working."
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Robert Naiman | On Afghanistan, Michael Steele Speaks for Me
Robert Naiman, Truthout: "Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse accused Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele of 'betting against our troops and rooting for failure in Afghanistan' after Steele criticized the Afghanistan war, Woodhouse wasn't just attacking Michael Steele; Woodhouse was attacking me and every American who is against the war."
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Midwives vs. Doctors in US Maternal Mortality Crisis
Hannah Rubenstein, Inter Press Service: "'I was baking a cake when my contractions were two minutes apart,' Kristine says, her voice warm with memory, 'not in a hospital, holding onto a bedside somewhere screaming.' She speaks of her experience tenderly. 'I felt like giving birth was in my hands, having it at home,' she says, 'not on a doctor's schedule, in somebody else's hands. By the time my daughter was born, I felt like my midwife was a part of my family.'"
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Six Lessons from the BP Oil Spill
Laurent Belsie, The Christian Science Monitor: "For years to come, the United States and the oil industry will be absorbing the lessons of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Regulators will toughen inspections. Oil companies will adopt more rigorous safeguards. New cleanup technologies will emerge from university and corporate laboratories. And spill drills could become a regular part of coastal communities' emergency planning."
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Mandatory Voting As a Cure for Extreme Partisanship?
Emily Badger, Miller-McCune: "Political scientists will inevitably get more evidence this fall for a pattern particularly true of midterm elections: People who don't follow politics - and don't have rabid views on the most polarizing topics of the day - tend not to vote. They leave alone at the polls motivated voters with extreme views likely to elect equally extreme politicians who are, as a result, unable to work with each other."
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