Friday, July 2, 2010

Air a Parent?

Don Wheeler

South Bend School Corporation Board member Roger Parent had an Op-Ed published today entitled "School Trustee hopes to build on lessons of first 18 months" in the South Bend Tribune.  I must say I didn't find it noteworthy.

I know I'm a little tough on this guy, but it's just that he ought to do better.  He has a track record of helping people - particularly kids - that goes back to his mayorship and work in the Peace Corps.  He should be taken seriously.  Unfortunately, he seems to think he needs to make the case constantly.  Note the nearly two dozen times that "I, I'm, I've and Me" are used in his piece.

As a result, you'd think he was standing for re-election - given the paucity of initiatives proposed to solve the vague (but daunting) problems he cites facing our public education system.  And I think that I'm not alone in thinking that these "discoveries" he reports were abundantly clear two years ago when he raised and spent $37,000 to secure this non-paying job he now has.

Here's what he and I agree on - and there's quite a bit.  Scapegoating is a total cop-out.  The decision making apparatus is completely dysfunctional.  Systemic change is needed.

What's missing is what Mr. Parent proposes to remedy this.  We're all ears.

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