Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An investigation you helped fund is making waves on Capitol HIll

Dear Truthout Community,
We have some breaking impact news to report tonight as we continue our effort to raise enough money to keep Truthout strong:

We just got word that an exclusive Truthout investigation is going to be a key document in a congressional oversight hearing tomorrow (Thursday)!

The Truthout investigation of Alyeska Pipeline, a company which is 48 percent owned by BP and shares its dismal safety record, helped show Alyeska's CEO the door.

The investigation revealed that the Alyeska, the pipeline management company, was not acting responsibly in its operations and was compromising safety, raising the risk of a massive oil spill in Alaska, all for the sake of profit. Our investigation broke the story wide open and was picked up by CNN and the Anchorage Daily News.

At 10 a.m. Eastern tomorrow, members of the House subcommittee on railroads, pipelines and hazardous materials will be meeting "to receive testimony on pipeline operators' management of the safety of hazardous liquid pipelines, known as integrity management."

A briefing released today cites two Truthout reports as key documents for the hearing. If you'd like to check out the briefing for yourself, please click here and see page 6, footnote 17.

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Maya Schenwar,
Executive Director

and Matt Renner,
Director of Development

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