Thursday, July 15, 2010

Truthout 7/15

Author of Torture Memos Admits Some Techniques Were Not Approved by DOJ
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "Jay Bybee, the former head of the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) who signed two infamous August 2002 legal memos which authorized CIA interrogators to torture 'war on terror' prisoners, told a congressional committee that more than a half-dozen of the tactics detainees were subjected to were not 'authorized' by the DOJ."
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William Rivers Pitt | Seeing the Elephant
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "The 2010 midterm elections are still four months away, but the drama has already kicked into high gear. The seemingly settled conventional wisdom would have us believe the Democrats are running for their lives, a perception that is reinforced by any number of polls indicating there are enough seats in play for the GOP to potentially retake majority control in the House. The Senate appears safe for the Democrats, according to these polls, but four months is a long time."
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Senate Vote Clears Way for Passage of Financial Bill
David Lightman, McClatchy Newspapers: "The Senate moved a crucial step closer Thursday to passing a historic overhaul of the financial regulatory system, voting 60 to 38 to cut off debate on the measure, virtually assuring passage as soon as later in the day."
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Argentina Becomes First Latin American Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Sara Miller Llana, The Christian Science Monitor: "After more than 14 hours of a heated debate and warring words, Argentina today became the first country in Latin America to embrace same-sex marriage nationwide."
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President Obama's Most Inexplicable Failure
Melvin A. Goodman, Truthout: "President Barack Obama has been a major disappointment to a liberal community that rallied to his call for genuine change.... The president's most inexplicable failure, in view of his Harvard Law School background and commitment to constitutional rights, is his unwillingness to name a statutory inspector general (IG) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)."
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Gulf Spill Raises Questions About Role of Oil Consultants
Shashank Bengali, McClatchy Newspapers: "The names, locations and geographical coordinates are different. Otherwise the drilling plans for three oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico contain identical fonts, footnotes, overly optimistic projections and even typographical errors."
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Veteran Care: More Questions Than Solutions
Deb Weinstein, Truthout: "Two days after regulations went into effect making it easier for veterans to seek treatment for PTSD, members of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs met Wednesday with veterans, the mother of an Iraq war veteran who committed suicide, and members of the Veterans Health Administration to discuss other ways to help veterans get the help they need."
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Israel Chokes Gaza Despite Announced Easing
Mel Frykberg, Inter Press Service: "Israel has received international praise for its decision to ease its crippling blockade on Gaza following the country's deadly assault on a humanitarian flotilla trying to bring desperately needed humanitarian aid to the coastal territory. But according to the UN and human rights organisations, the easing of the blockade is insufficient in meeting Gaza's needs."
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The Fox Cycle: From Bogus Right-Wing Attack to Mainstream News
Media Matters: "As more and more media outlets follow Fox News' lead in covering the manufactured New Black Panther Party/Department of Justice (DOJ) scandal, Media Matters offers three case studies of previous bogus right-wing attacks that, with help from Fox News, went mainstream before being debunked."
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Kenya's Climate Change Water Crisis Impacts Hospital Maternal Care
Gitonga Njeru, Women News Network: "At the Kakamega Provincial District General Hospital, located in Western Kenya, access to adequate and clean water still remains a pipe dream. Even though the need is critical the hospital, which works with maternity medicine and birthing procedures for women, still lacks an adequate plumbing system for water. These conditions and others are only made worse by frequent and severe water shortages in Kenya."
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