Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Immigrant stories are American stories

The debate over whether and how to remake America's immigration system has been driven by rhetoric - passionate or policy-focused, heartfelt or hate-filled. Yet immigration reform, like any social change, is really about people.  

People like Montserrat shouldn't have to fear that her mother will be deported.

Montserrat's story is just one of many stories that the American public needs to hear.

Not the fear-mongering, not the misinformation.  Real stories from real people.  The We Are America stories project aims to lift the stories of immigrants into the national debate on immigration to build the political will to move just and humane immigration reform.

We know that stories have political capital. It's the act of sharing stories and identifying with those stories that builds a movement that is capable of pushing progressive policy that benefits all of us.

Check out these stories and use them as conversation starters.
The project features stories told across a range of media (video, audio, photo, etc.)  Choose one and send it to loved ones to start conversations about why immigration reform matters.

I must say that these stories inspired me to continue fighting for my immigrant friends and neighbors.  I hope these stories will also inspire you and others to continue the struggle for just and humane immigration reform.

In solidarity,

Dennis, Garlin and the CCC Team
Center for Community Change

PS --- Check out Promise Arizona, a newly launched organization that was sparked by the SB 1070 fight.  They're looking for fellows to join local organizing efforts designed to register thousands of voters and create long-term change in Arizona.  Apply for the 3-week summer fellowship today.

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