Monday, July 26, 2010

Just plain wrong

I just want to yell at somebody.

We're in the middle of the one of the worst environmental crises in the history of our country. And a minority of Senators in the pocket of fossil fuel interests are blocking any action in the immediate future on a bill that limits carbon pollution and helps solve the climate crisis.

Instead, it looks likely that the Senate will vote on a narrow oil spill response bill that only includes minor energy provisions -- and completely fails to address the underlying causes of the climate crisis and fossil fuel catastrophes like the oil spill.

Make sure your Senators know that band-aid measures are unacceptable -- and that you're disappointed and not going away. Join Repower America and pledge to call your Senators this Tuesday when they're back in Washington. Tell them that you and millions of Repower America supporters won't give up until our country takes leadership on climate change and clean energy.

Click here to pledge that you'll call the Senate on Tuesday, July 27.

Once you sign up, we'll email you on Tuesday and give you everything you need to make the call.

This disappointing announcement from the Senate follows what could only be described as a shock and awe campaign by corporate polluters. The oil and gas industry spent $213 million lobbying in this Congress alone.*

Apparently, that's what it costs to block action on this crucial issue.

But stopping debate doesn't just benefit big oil and dirty coal. It also robs Americans of the opportunity to reap the benefits of clean energy, including:
  • Creating millions of new American jobs
  • Ending our addiction to oil and dirty fossil fuels
  • Addressing the threat of climate change
  • Strengthening our national security
We need to change this storyline.

This is not the future I want to leave my kids and future generations. Like every parent, I want to provide them a world with better opportunities -- and a healthy, prosperous planet is non-negotiable.

Remind our leaders of our priorities, our values and our resolve. Join me today in pledging to call your Senators.

Sign up and make the pledge here.

Then stay tuned for our Tuesday email with calling instructions.


Dave Boundy
Campaign Manager
The Climate Protection Action Fund's Repower America campaign

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