Friday, April 16, 2010

I feel bad for Erin Logan

Don Wheeler

I don't know what was going through her mind in the wee hours of Thursday morning.  From what is public record, her conduct towards police officers merely trying to do their jobs seems reprehensible.  Erin Logan wasn't even all that drunk - per the reported BAC of 0.11.  That would not seem to explain it.

But I'm not one to measure a person's worth on the basis of his or her worst moment, so I'm a bit annoyed at all the sanctimonious piling on of Ms. Logan and the lauding of her immediate firing by WNDU.  The station needs to do what it needs to do, I guess.  But I'm a bit surprised that they wouldn't want to do a bit of at least an in-house investigation first.

You may remember that WSBT anchor Debra Daniel had her own alcohol fueled problem some time back.  That station suspended her, but allowed her a process to redeem herself.  I'm guessing the road wasn't all that easy, but Ms. Daniel managed the passage.

To be clear, I don't know that WNDU's decision is wrong.  I do know Erin Logan was a good reporter.

As a school board candidate in 2008, I was very discouraged by the lack of local media coverage.  One bright exception was Erin Logan and WNDU.  She reported from a debate held at the South Bend Public Library downtown, and interviewed each of the candidates after the event (and there were a lot of us).  She asked quality questions and all the interviews were posted on the WNDU website for citizens to review.  One can debate whether she was after a good show - or to provide a service to the community.  I don't happen to care.  Both things happened.

So I hope Ms. Logan can move on from this ugly incident, learn what ever lessons are to be learned from it, and pick up the pieces. And I wonder why so many of us are so ready to pillory others who have a lapse of judgment and/or conduct.  What does that say about us?

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