Friday, April 30, 2010

FP flashpoints 4/30

Bears in a Honey Trap
By Julia Ioffe
The sex scandal rocking Russia's opposition.
Don't Panic, Go Organic
By Anna Lappe
Be not troubled by Robert Paarlberg's scaremongering. Organic practices can feed the world -- better, in fact, than wasteful industrial farming.
Peak Phosphorous
By James Elser and Stuart White
It's an essential, if underappreciated component of our daily lives, and a key link in the global food chain. And it's running out.
They're Not Brainwashed, Just Miserable
By Marcus Noland
What North Koreans really want.
Look Upon These Works and Despair
By Joshua Keating
When bad art and bad politics mix.

May/June 2009
Also don't miss:
The World's Harshest Immigration Laws
By Peter Williams
Think Arizona's new immigration law is harsh? The Grand Canyon state has nothing on these guys.
Sheikh to Terrorists: Go to Hell
By Christian Caryl
A Pakistani cleric declares jihad on suicide bombers. And the story is just beginning.
The Little Nukes That Got Away
By David Hoffman
What Obama's new treaty left out.
The Ultimate Bug Zapper
Interview by Elizabeth Dickinson
Could a new weapon deal the definitive blow in the long battle of man vs. mosquito? Forget bed nets; think lasers. Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates's ideas guy, tells FP about his plans to defeat malaria.

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