Sunday, April 18, 2010

Truthout 4/18

Alexander Cockburn | This Will Be Obama's Legacy
Alexander Cockburn, Truthout: "As Obama and his counselors ponder potential nominees, the air is filled with counsel that Obama should avoid a protracted fight and should pick 'a moderate' - i.e., pro-business, pro-government - nominee.... The left has put up no preferred nominee, expressing concerns that the Republicans might filibuster. So, why not provoke just such a filibuster with a decent candidate?"
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Zubaydah's Torture, Detention Subject of Senate Intelligence Inquiry
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has launched an investigation into Abu Zubaydah, the 'high-value' detainee captured in March 2002 that the Bush administration wrongly claimed was one of the planners of 9/11 and a top al-Qaeda operative, according to several Capitol Hill sources. The investigation of Zubaydah, who was tortured at a secret black site prison in Thailand, will be conducted alongside the committee's ongoing probe of the Bush administration's interrogation and detention policies."
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Democrats Challenge GOP Stubbornness on Financial Reform
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "As the November elections cast their long shadow, Senate Democrats are increasingly challenging Republican opponents on financial issues and move towards politically popular legislation to regulate the markets. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs quoted President Obama as telling Republicans that he 'would not accept bad policy in pursuit of bipartisanship' during the debate set to hit the Senate floor next week."
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The Whistleblower They Ignored
Robert Scheer, Truthout: "There aren't too many genuine heroes to come out of the banking disaster, but Armando Falcon is one of them. You have probably never heard of him, but his testimony Friday before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission is must reading for anyone trying to figure out why U.S. taxpayers had to bail out companies to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars."
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Coalition of the Tired of Waiting: Fighting Climate Change at Ground Level
Ann Danylkiw, SolveClimate: "A pattern is emerging in the geopolitics of climate change this year: Countries are banding together to begin to map out strategies to adapt to and mitigate climate change outside of the UNFCCC process and ahead of a final international climate agreement. With the U.S. and Australia - both key players for a clear global cleantech market signal - notably lagging behind the rest of the developed world in managing national climate affairs, governments in other developed countries and emerging market countries are lining up to take first-mover advantages."
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Beverly Bell | Social and Psychological Well-Being: Alternative Health and Healing in Haiti (Part II)
Beverly Bell, Truthout: "Haitians' humanity is threatened today. If there is a battle that Haitians don't want to lose, it's their humanity. Each one is looking for recognition that he or she is present, that he or she is among the living."
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Joe Conason | Before a New Justice Is Chosen
Joe Conason, Truthout: "Choosing a Supreme Court justice has become a deplorably dishonest process that hides ideological disputes behind petty and often personal matters. Nominees pretend to have no opinion about controversial issues such as abortion, when everyone listening knows they certainly do. Politicians pretend to worry about nothing except judicial qualifications, temperament and balance."
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Migrants Risk Everything in Arizona Desert Crossing
Jeb Sprague, Inter Press Service: "As he drops his last purification tablet into a pail of swirling, murky water, Sergio, 26, stares out toward the desert. Recently deported from Arizona, where he has a young child and where he has lived for the majority of his life, he explains, 'I have to return, it's my home.'"
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