Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truthout 4/29

By the Time I Get to Arizona
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Rap and hip-hop have never been my cup of tea, for the most part. But ever since the governor of Arizona put pen to paper and officially designated every brown-skinned person in the state to be criminally suspicious the moment they walk out their door, an old Public Enemy song has been running through my head."
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US May Send Navy to Oil Spill as Threat to Environment Grows
Lesley Clark and Curtis Morgan, McClatchy Newspapers: "Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday designated a widening oil slick spill in the Gulf of Mexico as 'a spill of national significance' as government officials acknowledged that the amount of oil spewing daily from the well is far more than earlier thought."
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Lawmakers to Holder: Goldman, Other Firms Aren't "Too Big for Jail"
Greg Gordon, McClatchy Newspapers: "Maintaining that no Wall Street executive is 'too big for jail,' 62 members of the House of Representatives asked the Justice Department Wednesday to investigate whether Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms committed criminal fraud in the lead-up to the subprime mortgage meltdown."
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How Wall Street Creates Socialists
E.J. Dionne Jr., Op-Ed: "Maybe the next time someone calls Barack Obama a socialist, the president shouldn't issue a denial. He might instead urge his accuser to read the hearing transcript of this week's Congressional testimony from the Goldman Sachs guys in their beautiful suits."
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Protesters Confront Monster Banks, Demand Wells Fargo End Predatory Lending
Daniela Perdomo, AlterNet: "'We are many and they are few - and today they have to deal with us!' yelled an organizer at a San Francisco march and rally on Tuesday afternoon aimed at calling out Wells Fargo for its predatory lending practices. A crowd of a few hundred pissed-off consumers responded boisterously by repeating a catchy chant: 'Hey, big banks, where's our dough? Working families have a right to know!'"
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New Arizona Immigration Law Wrong
Michael Gass, Truthout: "Immigration is a sensitive issue, but the immigration bill that passed the Arizona Legislature is the wrong way to try to solve it. The new law gives Arizona law enforcement broad new authority to enforce federal immigration laws. It is so broad, not to mention vague, that abuse of this new authority by law enforcement is assured."
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Swiftboating Finance Reform
Robert Reich, "Republicans are blocking a Senate vote on the Dodd bill, seeking to build public support by misleading the public. They're claiming to want a stronger bill when in fact they're doing the Street's bidding by seeking a weaker one."
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Immigrant Rights Activists in Chicago Join the National Fray, Part I
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "For Miguel Gutierez, an American citizen whose parents came to the country from Mexico as undocumented minors and were legalized during the 1986 amnesty, a couple of hours in jail and a fine is a small price to pay for the bigger impact he hopes to have. 'It's the least I can do,' said Gutierez of the civil disobedience action in which he participated Tuesday morning, meant to disrupt what advocates see as an increasingly unjust immigration system."
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Details Emerge on Study of Cancer Near US Nuclear Plants
Sue Sturgis, Facing South: "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently asked the National Academy of Sciences to study cancer risk for people living near nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, and details of that research were discussed at yesterday's meeting of the Academy's Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board."
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New Poll Shows Strong Anti-Incumbent Feeling
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "A new survey released Wednesday highlights the dire state of incumbent candidates, showing that fewer than a third of voters are inclined to vote for their current representative, regardless of their party."
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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Legitimate Case Against Free Trade
Ian Fletcher, Truthout: "There is a myth in wide circulation that the superiority of free trade is simply a settled question on which all serious economists agree. The flip side of this myth, of course, is that anyone who criticizes free trade must either be ignorant of economics, or the spokesman of some special interest which hopes to benefit from trade restrictions. Such critics are not only wrong, the story continues with admittedly impeccable logic, but profoundly worthy of public contempt, as they are necessarily either dumb or corrupt."
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Is the Sun Finally Setting on Climate Change Skepticism?
Todd Tanner, New West: "Over the last few years I've noticed something interesting about our ongoing climate change discussions. It used to be that logic and knowledge were the keys. We looked at the best available science, weighed the predicted costs of action versus the predicted costs of inaction, and then considered the most appropriate alternatives. Businesses use this kind of approach all the time. It's called a 'cost-benefit analysis.'"
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Murphy's Law and the Stupidity of Obama's Drill, Drill, Drill Offshore Oil Policy
Dave Lindorff, Truthout: "British Petroleum had a fail-safe system for its Deepwater Horizon floating deep-water drilling rig. You know, the one that blew up and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a tangled spaghetti pile of 22-inch steel pipe one mile long, all balled up on the sea floor a mile below the surface, that is leaking oil at 42,000 gallons per day ... so far."
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Closures and Charters Hailed as Future for Detroit Schools
Paul Abowd, Labor Notes: "Before Detroiters voted last fall on a half-billion-dollar bond measure to renovate and build new schools, the state-appointed financial manager Robert Bobb launched an 'I'm In' campaign to keep kids in the public schools, which are hemorrhaging students."
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After 10-Year Battle, First US Offshore Wind Farm Approved
Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers: "Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Wednesday approved the nation's first offshore wind farm, the 130-turbine Cape Wind project off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and said that the power of strong winds over the Atlantic Ocean would be an important part of the US drive to reduce dependence on fossil fuels."
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News in Brief: Federal Reserve Appointments and More ...
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: "The Associated Press reported Thursday that six in ten Americans are living in cities where air pollution reaches dangerous levels. The Los Angeles area has the nation's worst ozone pollution, according to the report released by the American Lung Association and the Phoenix area of Arizona suffers from the worst year-round particle pollution ... and more."
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