Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Support the March for Melanie

Campaign for Community Change

It's with sadness that we report that our friend, Melanie Shouse, recently lost a long battle with breast cancer after missing out on critical treament.
Melanie, like thousands of others, simply could not find affordable health insurance.

President Obama himself, who knew Melanie when she volunteered for his campaign, said:

"She was fighting that whole time not just to get me elected, not even to get herself health insurance, but because she understood that there were others coming behind her who were going to find themselves in the same situation and she didn't want somebody else going through that same thing."

Melanie was so committed to winning quality, affordable health care for everyone, that she wanted a rally and march for reform in place of a funeral. A group of Pennsylvanians are respecting her wishes by marching from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.  That's more than 130 miles over 8 days.

Send a message of support to Melanie's Marchers

Today, they will arrive in Washington, D.C., just in time for President Obama's Health Care Summit.  They'll be there to meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and to tell him and all of our elected officials that there is a human consequence to inaction and obstruction on health care reform.  And they will tell them that we are counting on them to finish health care reform now!

Our nation is inches away from passing health care reform.  We need to push Congress and the President to show bold leadership in the face of inaction and obstruction.  The fate of the economy and millions of uninsured and underinsured  is at stake.

In solidarity,

Dennis, Garlin and Jebeze
Campaign for Community Change

The Campaign for Community Change is the action arm of the Center for Community Change.  Connect to thousands of community organizers and leaders in a grassroots struggle for change by joining us today.

Send a message of support to the marchers for Melanie Shouse, a health care activist who recently passed away because she could not find affordable health insurance.

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