Friday, February 26, 2010

FP morning post 2/26

Bombings target foreigners in Central Kabul

Top story: A series of terrorist attacks targeting guesthouses used by foreigners in Central Kabul killed at least 17 people this morning. With Taliban forces routed from their stronghold in Marjah and dozens of senior leaders captured in recent days, the attack seems to be evidence that the organization is still capable of carrying out major operations.

The attacks began with a car-bombing outside a guesthouse used by Indian doctors, then continued with the bombing of a second hotel. At least nine Indians as well as a French diplomat and an Italian national were among the dead. In a statement condemning the attack, Karzai said it would not affect relations between India and Afghanistan. India and Pakistan held their first bilateral meeting since the 2008 Mumbai attacks on Thursday.

A Taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the bombers targeted “where the foreign people are staying.” It is the fourth Taliban assault on the capital since last October.

Environment: A vast 2,500 square kilometer iceberg has broken off from Antarctica.

  • Burma's highest court has rejected democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's latest appeal for release.
  • Thailand's supreme court found former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra guilty of corruption.
  • Four South Koreans have been detained in North Korea for entering the country illegally.
Middle East
  • Haiti's government is now urging thousands of homeless to return to their original neighborhoods as the rainy season approaches.
  • Venezuela's government disputed the findings of an OAS report accusing it of human rights abuses.
  • The government of Honduras has filed new corruption charges against former president Manuel Zelaya.
-By Joshua Keating


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