Friday, February 19, 2010

Join the March for America

Today we are at a pivotal moment in the history of this nation.

We are faced with a choice. We can do nothing, and watch as our families and communities continue to be torn apart by the broken immigration system; watch as profiteers continue to take advantage of people desperate for work; watch as due process is taken away from our understanding of justice; and watch as our leaders work on economic solutions that simply aren't bold enough to turn this country around.

Or we can stand up for our families and our communities.

Join tens of thousands from across the country who will be doing just that at the March for America in Washington, D.C. on March 21st.

March for America:  Join us in Washington, D.C.

We know that our economy is a mess.  And we know that our immigration system is broken.  But we also know that there are joint solutions that will provide both economic recovery for Main Street and fair immigration reform for our nation.  And we're bringing the message to Washington, D.C.

We need bold action now to create jobs in our communities and lay the foundation for true economic recovery1.  But the fact is, we cannot recover on top of a broken immigration system.  Comprehensive immigration reform will not only help create a stronger and fairer economy but it will also raise wages for all workers2.

Join thousands from across the country at the March for America in Washington, D.C. on March 21st. 

It's up to us.  We need to build a bold progressive movement that connects our issues and constituencies.  We must inspire courageous action in our neighbordhoods to deliver real change in our country.  We must challenge conventional wisdom about how change is made.  And we must hold our elected officials accountable to our families and communities.

Join us on March 21st in the March for America.

In solidarity,
Dennis, Garlin and Jebeze
Campaign for Community Change

The Campaign for Community Change is the action arm of the Center for Community Change.  Participate in a grassroots struggle for change alongside thousands of community organizers and leaders by joining us today.

1 National Council for Research on Women - Reinvest in the Nation's Distressed Communities with a Federally Funded Jobs Program -
2 Center for American Progress - Raising the Floor for American Workers:  The Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform -

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