Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Truthout 3/9

A Campaign Promise Dies: Obama and Military Commissions
Jason Leopold, Truthout: "The crowd at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, gathered to hear their candidate outline his grand strategy for a new way forward and Barack Obama delivered. 'I will reject a legal framework that does not work,' Obama said, his words slightly drowned out by the loud applause that erupted."
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I Am Angry
John Cory, Truthout: "I am angry. I'm tired of pundits and know-nothing, media gasbags. I'm tired of snarky 'inside politics' programming. I am sick of the bigotry and hatred of 'birthers' and faux patriotic cranks and their GOP puppet masters. And I'm really pissed at the Democratic Party that confuses having a plate of limp noodles with having a spine."
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Robert Reich | Bail Out Our Schools
Robert Reich, RobertReich.org: "Any day now, the Obama administration will announce $4.35 billion in extra federal funds for under-performing public schools. That's fine, but relative to the financial squeeze all the nation's public schools now face it's a cruel joke."
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Reality Challenges the CIA, Part 2
Economist Samir Amin deciphers the latest CIA report on the state of the world. He shows that intelligence agency experts still see a single view only: the American model's dominance. In the first part, Samir Amin described the experts' capitalist blindness. In this section, he describes how the CIA analysis fails to meet the challenges of the real world and the better world that is possible.
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Al Gore Still Won't Talk About Meat
Mickey Z., Truthout: "Al Gore penned a lengthy New York Times op-ed entitled, 'We Can't Wish Away Climate Change,' on February 28, 2010. As expected, Gore was wordy, made no effort to discuss the planet's top polluter (US Department of Defense), and, most of all, the former vice president once again opted to ignore the No. 1 cause of climate change: the meat-based diet. In fact, I ran a search on the nearly 2,000 words, but none of the following terms were found: meat, cow, livestock, methane, farm, diet or vegan."
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Eugene Robinson | "Values" of a Smear
Eugene Robinson: "The word 'McCarthyism' is overused, but in this case it's mild. Liz Cheney, the former vice president's ambitious daughter, has in her hand a list of nine Justice Department lawyers whose 'values' she has the gall to question. She ought to spend the time examining her own principles, if she can find them."
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Obama's Nuclear Dreams: Resurrecting a Noxious Industry
Joshua Frank and Jeffrey St. Clair, Truthout: "He may soon be called the nuclear industry's Golden Child. No president in the last three decades has put more taxpayer dollars behind atom power than Barack Obama. And there may be good reason why the president is salivating over the prospect of building new nuclear power plants around the country."
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FDIC Chief Hits Banks for Not Making Loans
Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy Newspapers: "Putting political pressure on the nation's banks, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairwoman Sheila Bair called Monday for borrowers to identify and report banks that aren't lending to consumers and small businesses."
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Bill Quigley | Time for a US Revolution - 15 Reasons
Bill Quigley, Truthout: "It is time for a revolution. Government does not work for regular people. It appears to work quite well for big corporations, banks, insurance companies, military contractors, lobbyists and for the rich and powerful. But it does not work for people."
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Hate 2.0: Islamaphobia and the Internet
Barnabe F. Geisweiller, Truthout: "In July of last year, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, organized a mass wedding celebration for hundreds of couples in the Gaza Strip. The happy adult grooms, immaculately dressed in black suits and colorful ties, received $500 each from Hamas, no small sum in the besieged territory."
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France's "Day without Immigrants" (March 1, 2010): Not Quite as Advertised
Jim Cohen, Truthout: "Word made it out of France late last year that a 'day without immigrants' (journee sans immigres) was being planned for March 1, 2010. As a resident of France since 1977 and as a supporter of social movements involving immigrants and/or workers wherever they may occur, I have felt nothing but sympathy with this initiative, also known as "24 hours without us" (24 heures sans nous)."
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Froma Harrop | The Volcker Rule: Beware Gremlins in Guccis
Froma Harrop, Truthout: "A big chunk of rock went missing from Mount Rushmore when Paul Volcker broke away in 2008 to stand stony-faced behind candidate Barack Obama. The former Federal Reserve chairman served as a reassuring presence from an older, more orderly financial era that had been sacrificed on the altar of deregulation. Volcker has since written the 'Volcker rule,' a formula for preventing another near-collapse of our financial system and accompanying government bailout."
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