Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Truthout 6/1

Israeli Attack on Flotilla Sparks Wave of International Protests
Nora Barrows-Friedman, Truthout: "Rami al-Meghari watched the news unfold from live video feeds monitoring international waters 65km off the coast of the Gaza Strip Monday morning, one of Gaza's 1.5 million residents anticipating a shipment of wheelchairs, prefabricated homes, crayons, raw construction supplies, dental surgery equipment and reams of paper brought by international humanitarian activists on board a flotilla of boats."
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Chris Hedges | This Country Needs a Few Good Communists
Chris Hedges, Truthout: "The witch hunts against communists in the United States were used to silence socialists, anarchists, pacifists and all those who defied the abuses of capitalism. Those 'anti-Red' actions were devastating blows to the political health of the country. The communists spoke the language of class war. They understood that Wall Street, along with corporations such as British Petroleum, is the enemy."
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Scott West | BP Gulf Disaster Is a Crime, Not an Accident
Scott West, Truthout: "The Obama administration is beginning to do some damage control relative to what we have been saying and asking lately. Why was a criminal investigation not launched early in the BP crisis and why has one not been launched to date? As I suspected, we are seeing some articles appearing and some pundits grandstanding with the notion that stopping the flow is first and foremost, so, a criminal investigation can either take a back seat or even be counterproductive to the top priority of stopping the flow. Of course, stopping the flow is priority number one. But the idea that a criminal investigation can or should wait is ludicrous."
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Dean Baker | Rep. Jason Altmire: Job Killing Deficit Hawk
Dean Baker, Truthout: "Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was the object of considerable ridicule for his support of the infamous $400 million 'Bridge to Nowhere.' This played a big role in his defeat in the last election."
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US Navy Veterans Continue to Seek Justice for Israeli Attack
Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "The Israeli military has attacked a flotilla of international peace activists, killing as many as 19 innocent civilians while they were carrying ten tons of aid to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. This is not the first time the Israeli military has attacked a nonthreatening entity in international waters."
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Unarmed and Courageous: Emergency Workers in Afghanistan
Kathy Kelly and Joshua Brollier, Truthout: "For six days in late May 2010, Emergency, an Italian NGO providing surgery and basic health care in Afghanistan since 1999, welcomed us to visit facilities they operate in the capital city of Kabul and in Panjshir, a neighboring province. We lived with their hospital staff at both places and accompanied them in their weekly trips to various FAPs (First Aid Posts) which the hospitals maintain in small outlying villages."
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Obama Must Ask Netanyahu the Right Questions
Ira Chernus, Truthout: "Debate rages around the world about the Israeli attack on the humanitarian flotilla headed to Gaza. And it should rage. As Martin Luther King Jr., said, an injustice to one is an injustice to all. But the debate that matters most - the one that will decide the fate of Palestinians and Israelis alike - is going on inside the Oval Office."
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Gulf Oil Spill Threatens Louisiana Native Americans' Way of Life
Joseph Goodman, The Miami Herald: "There is an ages-old expression among the people of southern Louisiana's Indian bayous. 'Pas tout la,' they say with smiles. 'Not all there,' it means. As in, 'not right in the head.'"
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Weekly Audit: Why Democrats Must Focus on Jobs Now
Zach Carter, The Media Consortium: "The job market in its worst state since the Great Depression and is putting tremendous strain on millions of Americans. Without action from Washington, D.C., the unemployment rate will remain elevated for years to come, and almost certainly above 9 percent through the end of 2010. Public esteem for economic policymakers isn't doing so hot either. There are several simple steps that President Barack Obama and Congress could take to create jobs, but of late, neither have shown much interest in doing so."
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Robert Reich | Why Obama Should Take Over BP's Operations in the Gulf of Mexico
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog: "It's time for the federal government to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over BP's operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped. This is the only way the public know what's going on, be confident enough resources are being put to stopping the gusher, ensure BP's strategy is correct, know the government has enough clout to force BP to use a different one if necessary, and be sure the President is ultimately in charge."
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Project Struggles to Create Gaza City's First "Tourist" Map
Pam Bailey, Truthout: "It's a common English 'truism' that when a place is considered important, it is 'put on the map.' By that definition, the people of Gaza have been in limbo for a long time. One case in point is that when Gazans complete the application for a US visa, they are forced to select 'Israel' as their place of birth; no 'Palestine' or 'Gaza Strip' option exists. Another indicator of the 'deligitmization' of the Gaza Strip in particular is the fact that no map exists that documents and guides visitors to the labyrinthine streets and points of interest that structure daily life here. That is, until now."
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Remembering Dr. Tiller
April Adicks, RH Reality Check: "There are many reasons that I am an advocate for women's and reproductive rights. I relate strongly to the historical aspects of the movement, the feelings of empowerment and sisterhood and the strong desire to have my voice heard. But there is one reason that compels me to not only be an activist - but to live my values through my life's work formerly at Planned Parenthood and now at the ACLU. That reason is Dr. George Tiller."
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Human Rights Organizations and Bar Associations Condemn Israeli Assault
Marjorie Cohn, Truthout: "On Sunday, Israel murdered human rights workers who were attempting to deliver 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, because Gaza has been virtually cut off from the outside world by Israel. At least 19 people were reportedly killed and dozens injured when Israeli troops boarded the 6-ship Freedom Flotilla convoy in international waters and immediately fired live ammunition at the people on board the ships."
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News in Brief: Israel Continues to Hold 600 Activists and More ...
Israel continues to hold more than 600 activists who were aboard the aid flotilla; al-Qaeda's operational commander in Afghanistan is believed to have been killed by an American drone; tens of thousands of people participated in national day of action against Arizona's restrictive immigration law Saturday; BP oil spill has led to the hospitalization of clean-up workers; Iraq's supreme court upheld March election results clearing way for further negotiations to form a coalition government; prime minister of Japan faces mounting pressure to resign after backtracking on US Marine base closure.
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