Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Truth about the November Property Tax Cap Vote

The Indiana Institute for Working Families (Institute) is working to educate voters regarding November's Ballot Referendum on amending the Indiana State Constitution to cap Indiana's property taxes. In 2008, the Indiana General Assembly passed property tax reforms that capped the property taxes that individuals and businesses will have to pay on their property. As a result, homesteads are now capped at 1 percent of the assessed value, commercial properties are capped at 2 percent and other property is capped at 3 percent.  In the 2008 and 2010 General Assembly session, the legislature voted to make the reform permanent by making it part of the Indiana Constitution.

 The Institute published, The Truth about the November Property Tax Cap Vote, a "myth v. fact" sheet to inform voters about the impact of these tax caps. The Institute plans to provide more educational information in the coming months to help voters fully understand the issue prior to the ballot referendum in November.

You can access "The Truth about the November Property Tax Cap Vote," at:                                                  
Watch for additional information related to the tax cap vote at the Institute's web site:
To see the arguments of both a "pro-tax caps" group and an "anti-tax caps" group, you can go to the following Facebook pages:

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