Sunday, June 6, 2010

Truthout 6/6

"The Price That We Pay" - Undocumented Immigrants and Taxation (Part 1 of 3)
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: Rita's house on the South Side of Chicago could be any Mexican-American family home - In the corner a big 'I love you, Mom!' balloon sags against the wall, a relic of Mother's Day a couple of weeks ago. As many people do, she keeps her tax statements for each year in separate, pristine manila envelopes, away from the clutter of the living room and the curious nose of the family's chihuahua. Rita, a 47-year-old Hispanic woman, may be the blueprint for a growing number of Mexican-American immigrant lifestyles: Rita is an undocumented immigrant, and a taxpayer."
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As "New Media" Proliferate, Does Government Have a Role?
Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor: "That tension between government and the so-called fourth estate, or the news media, is at the heart of a mounting war of words in the blogosphere as well as in print and broadcast over when, where, why and how lawmakers should interact - some say meddle - with today' swiftly changing news environment."
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BP Could Face Massive Fines Under Clean Water Act
Les Blumenthal, McClatchy Newspapers: "If the Obama administration is serious about holding BP and others responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, it can start with the federal Clean Water Act, which could allow the federal government to collect as much as $4.7 billion in civil fines just for the oil that's spilled so far."
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Gaza Blockade: Israel Deports Activists From the Rachel Corrie Aid Ship
Kristen Chick, Christian Science Monitor: "Israel began deporting activists from the Rachel Corrie on Sunday after boarding the ship trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza and forcing it to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Al Jazeera reports that Israel has begun deporting the 19 activists and crew members arrested on the Rachel Corrie Saturday. Six of the Malaysian crew members were released into Jordan, and a Cuban activist injured in the boarding of the Mavi Mamara last week was also released."
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Why Did God Create Atheists?
Greta Cristina, Alternet: Why did God create atheists? This is a question I always want to ask religious believers. (One of many questions, actually. "What evidence do you have that God is real?" and "Why are religious beliefs so different and so contradictory?" are also high on the list.) If God is real, and religious believers are perceiving a real entity... why is anyone an atheist?"
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Banks Profit From Near-Zero Interest Rates: Another Reason for States to Own Their Own Banks
Ellen Brown, Truthout: "While individuals, businesses and governments suffer from a credit crisis created on Wall Street, the banks responsible for the crisis are tapping into nearly-interest-free credit lines and using the money to speculate or to make commercial loans at much higher rates. By forming their own banks, states too can tap into very low interest rates, and can buffer themselves from another Lehman-style credit collapse."
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Afghan Jirga-Goers Part Ways Peacefully
Jean MacKenzie, Global Post: "Afghanistan's National Consultative Peace Jirga, which ended its deliberations on Friday, was an exceptionally good show. It had drama, excitement, danger, a colorful cast of characters, and, best of all, a happy ending. What is less certain is whether it will produce any clear, concrete results."
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