Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Operation Terraform, The Secret Obama Administration Plan For Arizona, Is Revealed

Washington (FNS)—An exclusive investigation by FNS reporting staff has identified and confirmed, through a second source, the Obama Administration’s secret plans for resolving issues with certain residents of Arizona that has been in the news over the past week, known as “Operation Terraform”.

The plan depends upon American authorities cooperating with the Canadian, Mexican, and North American Governments, and the plan will require one of the largest transport efforts since D-Day.

Until today, no one outside the involved agencies had been aware of the existence of the plan, much less its details, and as of today, no official will admit, on the record, that the plan is already in effect.

After September 11th, the United States Government, in addition to other policy initiatives, made a decision to move ahead with previous plans to establish a North American Government. After consultations with Mexico and Canada, Edmonton, Alberta, was chosen as the administrative center for the new organization.

In order to disguise the new construction, it was decided to locate many of the facilities under the West Edmonton Mall. This location was chosen partly because it has been in a state of constant construction for years and already contains a substantial amount of underground construction, making additional work less noticeable.

In 2002, a new office tower and a major underground expansion were begun underneath the new parking garage on the west side of the mall, and that facility today houses both North American Government administrators and a paramilitary base that provides a location from which special operations can be staged.

After the Tea Party protests began in April of 2009, the Obama Administration, who had decided already on the basic outline of Operation Terraform, coordinated with the other three Governments to more rapidly complete a database of the DNA of all North American citizens.

That process was assisted by the creation of an H1N1 flu scare in 2009, which caused people to obtain flu shots in record numbers. The DNA collected during that “inoculation” program means the database now has records for over 70% of the population in the North American Economic Zone.

After a frantic summer of effort by specialists from the US Army’s Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, the Centers for Disease Control, the FDA, and the National Institutes of Health, a DNA replication and human cloning facility was up and running, thanks to a tunnel connecting the Mall and the sub-basements of the nearby Misericordia Community Hospital.

From October until January unmarked trucks operated by KBR’s North American Government and Defense unit have coordinated with North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition to provide logistical support, moving the newly cloned human replicants from Canada, through the United States, to holding facilities operated by the North American Government in Sonora, Mexico.

As certain white citizens of Arizona who live in conservative voting precincts were identified crossing the Mexican border, they were being replaced by these replicants, with the intent of changing the long-term voting patterns in Arizona.

Unfortunately, the number of citizens transiting the border has declined precipitously in the past several months due to violence on the Mexican side, and changes to the plan had to be considered.

Beginning in February, US agents working the border began “sweep and clear” operations to establish corridors through which KBR could import replicant individuals so that substitutions could take place inside the United States.

A processing facility was required in the Phoenix area; KBR arranged with Basic Chemical Solutions to build a high-security entrance on their property for the underground bunker built by the North American Government’s Paramilitary Command on the south side of West Lower Buckeye Road just across from the Maricopa County Jail.

We have learned that about 12,000 Arizonans a month have been replaced since February, and that the program eventually intends to remove about 20,000 persons each month to long-term internment facilities in Central Sonora and Northern Alberta.

The Administration is seeing the recent shutdown of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as evidence that the program is working.

The immediate goal is to turn Arizona into a reliably Democratic state by the time of the 2012 elections. If successful, the program will be established in other states, with Florida and Ohio probably being next on the list.

Operation Terraform has already affected Obama’s political agenda.

Conservatives are calling for the Administration to finish the border fence between Arizona and Sonora as part of the negotiations associated with an immigration compromise; since this would impair the ability of KBR to move people back and forth over that border the Administration has been unwilling to make such a deal.

The Democrats, however, assume that over time they will have to make fewer and fewer political compromises as more and more Conservatives are replaced by replicants who will always do the bidding of their Democratic Masters.

In the final iteration of the plan, members of the Democratic base are also being considered for replacement. Two “scouting parties” from the North American Government have infiltrated the Netroots Nation events in the past two years to gather information; based on that data a decision is expected in the next few months.

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