Thursday, May 27, 2010

FP morning brief 5/27

Obama to extend drilling moratorium as BP waits for news of "top kill"

Top news: BP officials say they may know today whether their latest attempt to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was successful. As part of the procedure known as "top kill," drilling mud is being applied to the gushing well at a rate 65 barrels per minute.

White House aides say that President Obama will announce a six-month extension on the moratorium on offshore drilling today, to allow an independent presidential commission to continue its investigation of the incident. Offshore drilling had been a key component of Obama's proposed energy policy, meant to attract Republican votes. Obama is also expected to discuss other recommendations from a 30-day review he ordered shortly after the Deepwater Horizon rig sank.

The New York Times reports today that shortly before the explosion at the rig, BP had chosen, partly for financial reason, a type of casing for the well that was less secure than another option. Leaks through the cement casing, installed by contractor Halliburton, are believed to have caused the explosion.

Washington: The Obama administration released its first National Security Strategy, which argues for expanding the nation's security focus beyond counterterrorism.

  • At least 44 people were killed as Jamaican authorities raided a Kingston housing complex to arrest drug lord Christopher Coke, who is still at large.
  • The leader of Mexico's Beltran Levya drug cartel was killed in a shootout with federal police.
  • A Peruvian indigenous leader who had fled to Nicaragua to avoid charges of causing a riot was arrested as he tried to return home.
Middle East
  • Omar al-Bashir was sworn in for another five-year term as president of Sudan.
  • Niger's military leader Salou Djibo met with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on his first foreign trip since taking power in a military coup.
  • French authorities arrested a Rwandan doctor accused of participating in the 1994 genocide.
-By Joshua Keating

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