Friday, May 28, 2010

FP flashpoints 5/28

The 10 Worst Security Council Resolutions Ever
By Colum Lynch
(It was hard to pick.)
China's Most Embarrassing Allies
By Joshua E. Keating
Five unsavory governments that couldn't survive without Beijing.
Israel’s Most Illicit Affair
By Glenn Frankel
A new book reveals that Israel’s secret relationship with apartheid South Africa went far deeper than previously understood.
The Not-So-Radical Roots of Miss USA
By Hanin Ghaddar
Rima Fakih is no Hezbollah hottie -- she's the living embodiment of Lebanon's cultural complexity.
By Charles Homans
How caged animals became a tool of statecraft.

May/June 2009
Also don't miss:
Frau Germania
By Cameron Abadi
How Angela Merkel's selfishness is killing Europe.
By Carl Schreck
Why is the Kremlin meddling in international chess elections?
The Special Relationship
Foreign Policy gathered eight prominent figures in the Jewish community to discuss Peter Beinart's controversial essay in the New York Review of Books, and whether the ties that bond American Jews to Israel remain strong.
We're All Swedes Now
By Andrew Brown
How the world caught up with detective novelist Stieg Larsson.
How Ganja Warlords Took Over Jamaica
By Ilan Greenberg
U.S. demands for the extradition of a notorious gang leader have exposed an island paradise as a violent narcostate teetering on the edge of chaos.

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