Sunday, May 31, 2015

A young girl, gone..

Many years ago when Mary Tyler Moore was asked how she was able to deal with the painful losses in her life, she turned to the questioner and said simply,  "No one goes through life without pain."  I'm an older guy at this point, and I've certainly dealt with loss.  But the news I got today was really devastating.

We heard through a friend that a sixth grade girl took her own life recently.  She was someone who attended the same middle school as our daughters, and was in the same class as our daughters in 4th grade.

She was a beautiful girl:  Full of life, smart, engaging.  But she must not have known that.  Or?... We'll never know, of course.

I suppose my sorrow is deepened a bit more as I am a CASA who tries to help kids through some really tough times.  I realize that not being connected with her any more, I can't blame myself for what happened. Still, there isn't much I wouldn't have given up for the chance for one conversation with her.  I really liked her.  I think a lot of people did.

We lost a promising person.  There a couple things we can do, though.  First, the family needs help with burial expenses.  If you are so inclined, please use
this go fund me link.

But more broadly, try to make sure every young person you encounter knows that they matter. Cultivate the habit.  You can make a difference.

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