Saturday, August 31, 2013

Common Core makes for strange bedfellows

I never anticipated a time where I would be on the same side of an issue as Tom Uebbing.

For those unfamiliar with the gentleman, he is an outspoken, crusading member of the so-called Citizens for Community Values - tireless fighter of the "homosexual agenda" and the like.  Mr. Uebbing likes to write, and this was his take on Common Core, as published recently in the South Bend Tribune.
A compelling reason to oppose Common Core is the inherent national takeover of Indiana schools. The power that controls the standards controls the tests that measure how the standards are being met. The power that controls the tests controls the content of the curriculum to be tested. Given the federal government's zeal for promoting to our youth unmarried sex, contraception, abortion and homosexuality, Common Core can be used as a strategic pipeline for selling our youth those destructive practices and an entire worldview through social studies classes.

Passing a tax of 1 percent for some alleged good cause is likely to receive little public opposition. However, once the tax law is established, incrementally hiking the tax to even oppressive levels lulls an unwary public. Similarly, the establishment of Common Core opens the door to the tyranny of destructive ideologies coming from Washington and eliminates Hoosiers' ability to govern themselves and safeguard the minds and hearts of their children.

Who knew?

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