Saturday, December 1, 2012

Letter to the South Bend Tribune

It is widely believed that the State DOE Board will be considering REPA2 at their December 5 meeting.   The proposal, as I read it, seems to pretty much remove the imperative for teacher training and skill confirmation.  A college graduate who passes a licensing test – such as the kind to sell auto insurance – can teach.  No training in teaching, no mentoring, or student teaching would be required.

This is nonsensical on many levels.  Let’s face it, a High School graduate has enough math to (in theory) teach Seventh Grade math.  If we don’t care if people actually possess the skill to pass their knowledge on to others, why insist on college?  Seems like overkill.

And what effect will this have on state university Education programs?  Do we believe qualified teaching graduates should be strictly an export item?  Talk about a brain drain.

Our daughter has had five excellent teachers in her five years in public education.  Three have retired – and it’s hard to fault them.  After working for many, many years and doing really great work, the State has made them feel as though they are some sort of villain.

Please contact our Rep Jo Blacketor with your thoughts.

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