Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On the Glenda Ritz victory: Fantastic, but....

I posted this on Diane Ravitch's blog earlier today:

I am very pleased with Glenda Ritz’s victory. There was much energy expended here in the South Bend area to highlight this race. Educators (of all stripes) in particular were highly engaged.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Mike Pence – a front man for ALEC and Engulf & Devour (Koch Industries) is the Governor-Elect. His party controls the state Assembly. As a teacher I worked beside yesterday said to me, “Mitch Daniels kept Tony Bennett on something of a leash. Mike Pence would take the leash off”.

So we’ll have a Governor who will make things very difficult for the new Superintendent of Public Instruction. And a legislature capable of starving her department of funds.

The bottom line is that while we citizens of Indiana dodged a serious bullet, we’ll need to be extraordinarily vigilent and engaged to promote policies which will truly benefit our youngest citizens. Fellow Hoosiers, I hope you’ll join me in dedicating your efforts to that.

Don Wheeler
South Bend, IN

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